Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington Review

Prince or Princess

The greatest hope of a family is to recieve a baby.Some people may put this as to continue a family legacy. Some people are hoping to expect their baby born as healthy as can be, without even bother what the gender is.
What if you can choose the gender of your baby? It would be nice to know if you can choose between boy or girl.Or maybe both at the same time as twins babies.

Now you too can live your dream to have a baby boy or baby girl with the accurate and safe method from Alicia Pennington. This is your ultimate chance to have your dream ideal family.Prince or Princess ? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception is the 30 pages of pregnancy guide that helps you to perfectly start your pregnancy and choosing baby gender with the baby gender selection method. The steps are risk-free so you have nothing to loose to apply those methods.The writer herself has done some research on why most parents are doing the wrong methods and the theory behind X and Y chromosome to control the sperm. In addition,the book provides you with calculation of your ovulation date to determine the gender of your baby and the timing of your intercourse, all of which affect the conceiving of a baby. Moreover, a dietary program that helps you boost up the chance in having a baby boy or baby girl.

Here are some brief information you can get inside Prince or Princess.

 I  actually download  and read  every product that i review, so if you have any question,feel free to drop your comment anywhere on my blog posts. Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess is a PDF eBook, it means that you can dowload it along with  all the bonuses to any computer you want, that has an Internet connection.It is so handy where you can access it anywhere u want.
Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess  is a unique and exciting book that assists couples in determining the gender of their baby. Unlike many of the material that is advertised around this topic, the Plan My Baby book is one of the more genuine and successful approaches there is.
It was created by a midwife that has years of experience dealing with natural methods of birthing and conception. She has had the advantage of seeing couples experiences first hand and helping guide them through the process. This is not some woman who is speculating about something she is unfamiliar with. This woman is knowledgeable, and more importantly, she is successful.
What You Get
You get a detailed book that is going to guide you through three simple steps. These steps are laid out in explicit detail and the instructions are clear, concise, and correct. By following these rules, the chances of being successful are very high.
In this book you get the following:
Forty Page book detailing an exact plan to help you have the baby of your dreams.
The amazing secrets to predicting your baby’s gender with up to 94% accuracy.
A detailed and easy to understand primer on genetics and how sperm will determine the gender of your baby, and most importantly how to use this knowledge to plan a boy or a girl.
Instruction on how to calculate your ovulation date and how to use this to your advantage in baby gender prediction.
Information on the theory behind “X” and “Y” chromosome sperm and how you can use this information to control which sperm fertilizes the egg.
Detailed instructions for Timing intercourse to ensure you get the baby boy or baby girl of your dreams.
A complete dietary plan you can use that will boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl.
Accurate and detailed information from a qualified and highly knowledgeable midwife who has years of experience counseling couples in gender selection and birthing matters.
Information on how to control PH levels and why this is important in determining whether you have a boy or girl.
Most importantly: a complete guide that instructs you step by step on how to conceive a boy or girl.
Bonus – A Healthy Pregnancy Guide.
Bonus – Breastfeeding Secrets Guide.
Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess Basics:
The Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess guide is based around understanding and teaching you the essential basics of conception. How and why babies are born either male or female is explained. This all has to do with the different types of sperm.
In the guide, you will learn why certain sperm travel faster than others, and why some sperm live longer. Once you understand what this means in regards to conceiving either a boy or a girl, you will be well set to developing a plan.
You will then be given a complete 3 Step guide. Each step will provide detailed information on a particular area that pertains to gender selection.
Step One (The Foundation)
The first step is a complete outline and discussion of ovulation and its importance in weather you have a boy or girl. There are several reasons why a couple will want to attempt conception either sooner or later according to an ovulation chart.
Also included in this section is information on basal body temperature. This is important to understand. Information on cervical mucus is discussed in this section.
How alkaline and acidic are used to determine the sex of your baby. You will learn how to alter the PH of your body and how this will determine either a male or female child.
Step Two (Diet)
The second thing that the book teaches you is to adjust your diet to make your body prone to having either a boy or girl.
In this section you will learn about what special foods you should eat, and also what foods you should avoid.
How certain things like alcohol, tobacco and medications can alter your pregnancy. Why you need to avoid certain substances both before conception and during pregnancy.
A proper diet for both conception, and later for healthy breastfeeding.
Step Three (Sexual Positions)
Step three is focused around determining the best sexual positions to use. You will learn in this section what are the reasons for choosing one position over another.
An overview of how sperm will determine the eventual gender.
Why certain sexual positions allow male sperm to be more successful and lead to the birth of a male child.
The importance of orgasm on the conception. Why a woman’s orgasm can determine the sex of the baby.
Instructions on how and where a man should ejaculate so that a male child is conceived.
Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess Pros:
There are many pros to this system. Here listed bellow is a small sampling of the benefits.
All of the material listed relies upon completely natural techniques. There are no harmful medications recommended. No strange chemicals or controversial treatments. The only things that are required are all natural and time-tested techniques.
Ease of use. This is something many guides simply cannot provide. The lessons taught here are legitimate and correct as well as easy to follow.
An expert in the field provides all the information. This cannot be overstated. Alicia Pennington is an expert in the field and the knowledge that you will gain from her is without a doubt better than any you will find elsewhere.
Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess Cons:
The one con about this program is that there is not a guaranteed 100 percent success rate. Because this is not completely controlled, there is the possibility that the desired outcome will come to fruition.
My Take
Plan My Baby – Prince or Princess stands apart as the best guide on the market. When there is always the element of chance involved results cannot ever be guaranteed. However, this program is the best way for parents to take an active role and have the best chance of determining the gender of their child. If you feel that it doesn’t help you, Alicia Pennington offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.
We recommend that you give Plan My Baby Guide a try. Click the button below for more information. We wish you the best of luck!

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  1. Every place I try to download this book the link doesn't work.

  2. Every place I try to download this book the link doesn't work.